Our Current Membership. HRLC membership consists of seven covens, and two solitary members.

  • Circle of Diana – Pittsburgh, PA
  • Coven of the Wooded Vale – Bethehem, PA
  • HearthFire Coven (formerly Goddess Grove)- Pittsburgh, PA
  • Hekate’s Wheel (formerly Grove of Gaia) – Pittsburgh, PA
  • Grove of the Ancient River – Wiles Barre, PA
  • Witches of Aradia – Columbia, PA
  • Leita Visindi Coven – Easton, PA

Why join Hills and Rivers and Covenant of the Goddess

  • Build community and network with other Wiccans and Witches
  • Participate in the CoG national event Merry Meet/Grand Council
  • Qualified Priests or Priestesses can receive legally binding ministerial credentials
  • Interfaith education and relations
  • Media education
  • Law enforcement education
  • Pagan rights advocacy
  • Military & prison chaplaincy & advocacy
  • Youth awards (Hart & Crescent Award)
  • Community Service

The HRLC Membership Process

Membership in Hills and Rivers is available to covens and solitary practitioners in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Western New York.  Membership requirements include:

  • General theology and ritual is centered around the worship of Goddess & old Gods or Goddess alone.
  • Complete membership & tithe.
    A coven or solitary must prepare a statement of practice.
  • Two letters of recommendation from current members of Hills and Rivers or one letter from a current Hills & Rivers member and another from any CoG member.      
  • Acceptance of the Covenant’s Code of Ethics
  • Covens have three or more members formally accepted into Clergy, including one member who is capable of holding Elder credentials as defined by CoG
  • Covens must have been meeting once monthly for at least six months.

Prospective members need to attend one meeting (in person or via distance communication, such as Skype).

To apply for membership in Hills and Rivers Local Council, return a completed membership form, along with a statement of practice, 1 letter of recommendation from a Hills and Rivers Solitary or Coven and another letter from a Coven or Solitarily who are members of and/or known to the Covenant of the Goddess, and membership tithe to

Friends of CoG Program

Individuals can also participate in CoG as a nonvoting Friends of the Covenant, which include individuals and student groups.

Friends receive newsletters, membership prices at all Covenant events, contact with willing elders, and access to an electronic listserv for Friends and willing CoG members.  No confidential Covenant information is made available to Friends.  Friends of CoG membership require:

  • Letter of introduction
  • One reference letter is appreciated but not required.
  • Additional criteria can be discussed with the Local Membership or First Officer