2023 Events

Lammas Fest 2023

Join us for a lovely afternoon celebrating First Harvest with classes, workshops, and vendors in a beautiful setting.

Join us at beautiful Rhoneymeade Arboretum (177 Rimmey Rd, Centre Hall, PA 16828) where you will enjoy our featured speakers, workshops, vendors, and entertainment.

You can connect to nature while exploring the walking paths through farmland, forest, gardens, meadows, as well as an arboretum and a sculpture garden.

This event is FREE!

Your generous donations keep our events free!

Donations will be accepted in exchange for raffle tickets. We will be giving away a large basket filled with many wonderful items and our vendors are donating items too.

BRING A CHAIR to enjoy our many lectures and workshops… and the beautiful surroundings.

SCHEDULE (In Progress,,, subject to change)

10:00 – 11:00 Vendors set up, Vendors be ready to sell at 12:00 noon

11:00 – Opening Rite “A Gaulish rite of thanksgiving to Nantosueltâ and Sucellos” by Artoðiriânâ Nantotauriniâ – A Gaulish rite of thanksgiving for the First Harvest (an interactive ritual encounter)” with Q&A on Gaulish Paganism afterward

12:00 – Magical herbalism with Denise W.

1:00 – Practical Planetary Magick – Holly D.

2:00 – Dowsing using rods and pendulums. Dowsing can be used to find things, to ask spiritual questions, and to find spirits or portals. Anything that you have a question about or need to find, dowsing can give answers.

3:00 – “The Sacred 3: An Introduction to the Triparte Cosmos” by Collin W.

In this workshop, we will explore the 3-part cosmos of the Indo-European Pagan inheritance. This will begin with an Ár nDraíocht Féin-style rite that will bring participants into spiritual contact with the 3 Worlds and some deities that rule them. We will follow the rite with a discussion of the attributes, lore, and powers of the 3 worlds. We conclude with some tips on how to interact with the 3 Worlds to improve our practice and magical workings.”

4:00 – “Kassa – Rhythm of the Farmers” by Jeff D.

“Kassa,” which means granery, is a traditional Malinke rhythm played during work in the fields of Northeast Guinea. Come learn the 6 djembe parts to this swinging rhythm.

5:00 – Closing Spiral Dance by Hills and Rivers members, drummers, and attendees.


Artoðiriânâ Nantotauriniâ – High Priestess of Circle of Diana (Wiccan coven established in 2012) and Founder of the Sacred Grove of Diana-Abnoba on Facebook. She is an Ambactos of Galatîs Litauiâs and a Sacerdos at Roma Aeterna. Her persona practice is Gallo-Roman, a blend of Gaulish and Roman traditions as found in the Alpine region of northern Italy, homeland of her ancestors.

Denise White – High Priestess of HearthFire Coven, a Wiccan coven in western Pennsylvania. Denise hosts classes and workshops throughout the year.

Holly D. – Holly began her magical career when she joined Silver Circle of the Pennsylvania State University, one of the oldest college Pagan clubs in the country. Eventually, she found a calling to practice in the Golden Dawn tradition of ceremonial and ritual magic, and in 2007 she received initiation into a Temple of Ordo Stella Matutina. Since then, she has studied, practiced and taught many topics in the Golden Dawn tradition through her work with the OSM and through teaching private classes. Holly is also a founding member of Happy Valley Golden Wheel, a Pagan community group based in State College.

Collin W. – Collin is a Queer Pagan by fate and vocation. He is a Gaelic, Norse and Slavic Folk Pagan as well as co-host of the Crone’s Porch Podcast. Collin hails from upstate New York where he developed a taste for history, archaeology, and religion. He followed up on this interest by getting a degree in archaeology and anthropology which he promptly never used and has since focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work. He currently works at a major U.S. university as a religious inclusion and diversity professional, and program coordinator with extensive experience in diversity-centered education and programming.

As a Pagan, Collin is committed to adapting ancient lore and lessons into a modern path that can accommodate Queer people and act as a flexible, evolving, culturally safe, and healing space for all. He has been doing this for 3 years and counting with Ian Shick, who together have founded a Gaelic, Slavic and Norse path unique to them. Collin has been active in the Queer community and Queer activism for 6 years, especially in Trans spaces and a Pagan community leader in two different states. Collin has a deep interest in helping Pagan community grow, adapt, be more inclusive, and increase his own knowledge of the Spiritual world. In his free time, Collin is a Games Master for friends and local community groups, an artist in pyrography and embroidery, and a gamer of little skill.

Jeff D. – Jeff has been playing music since age 5 including piano, guitar, bass, and West African djembe and djun djuns. He performs regularly in musical groups such as Dirty Agnes, Clark and Kobel, and Drums of West Africa.






Brazilian Munchies


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